I was born just a 10-minute car ride to the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal. Very convenient, I must say - only I didn't know it as I was growing up. My intention was to become a dentist - until the animation bug bit me in university and I made a U-turn for the Arts. In 1972 I joined the NFB animation studio as a student trainee where I continued to make films for more than 40 years, most notably THE SWEATER based on Roch Carrier's classic short story. I also branched out by illustrating children's books as well as teaching animation. 
My latest passion is writing, and each morning I run to my computer filling up page after page with short stories. A recent memoir has been published by ECW Press called THIS SWEATER IS FOR YOU! 

Along with my wife and son, a variety of family pets have shared our home over the years, many of them finding their way into my films and books.

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