About me and this site

There's a classic Jewish joke that goes...
A rabbi cries out to God:
"Oh Lord, before you I am nothing!"
The cantor beside him also cries out:
"Oh Lord, before you I am nothing!"
The janitor standing at the back of the synagogue becomes so inspired, he also cries out: 
"Oh Lord, before you I am nothing!"
The rabbi nudges the cantor:
"Look who thinks he's nothing."

I'm the janitor in this joke. You can say about me:

"Look who thinks he's a seeker."

But, still, this site is about sharing with you some of the insights I've garnered over 40 years of trying to find meaning and happiness in this life.

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Scroll down for excerpts from a recent talk I gave about a life-changing experience.

I believe it can speak to all of us trying to heal our imperfect lives the best way we can.